What a feeling of relief!


Oh boy- I am so happy and relieved right now! The satisfaction of taking my semester final and FINALLY being on break is overwhelming! I still have one more semester to go and grad in May 08 but this semester was one of tremendous growth!

I just feel so satisfied!

I havent seen my test grade or my final grade yet, but am confident I did well and I know I did the best I could which is important and darn it, I am proud of my growth and how far I have come! I just feel that this semester was one of huge personal growth as well as a huge leap learning and so full of good changes that I am FINALLY confident in my abilities that I WILL make it thru this program! I can't even describe how that feels as up until today, I was second guessing myself and just not so confident and sure I could do this.

I know that next semester will still be a challenge, but I learned so much I jus feel really, truly ready.

Oh I truly hope others have had or will have this very same feeling!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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:balloons: Congratulations! :balloons: I think it's awesome you are confident in your work. That is important. :D

I hope you have a wonderful holiday break! :)



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Yeah! I hope I will get to the point where I feel confident as well. Congratulations on being almost there. You did it. Have a happy holiday season.

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kukukajoo, LPN

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Jean- trust me- you WILL get there!!! It is the best feeling in the world kind of like seeing and holding your newborn baby for the frst time!

I was just dx on Monday with Emphysema at age 38, and even that did not daunt me but rather made me more determined.

I had a rough couple of years and thought things would not get better and i would have to withdraw or get tossed due to absences. I had been running on scared and cortisol and it wasn't doing me any bit of good. I really thought I would not feel this way until I was done with the program.

My coping skills have gotten better to deal with my medical problems and I just take day by day. He has me on 10 days antibiotics and despite brutal pain I already feel much better and my immunity should really invrease so I am not sick all the time.

I spent most of week one of the program in the hospital last year and made waves with the nsg program and facing some pretty crappy diagnoses. I have have struggled with my health and energy/fatigue and somehow have trudged through and I feel it is finally coming tofether.

I just had tonsils out yesterday and in pain but at the same time very happy that it was done. Doc said the infection inside was brutal and he should have done it in August. BUt then I could not schedule just before school as I almost always have complications post surgery. My doc team was joking that they will see me back in hosp within 2-4 weeks!!

People on here have inspired me greatly as well as given invaluable advice!

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!

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