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What to expect?!

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I was an MA student up until about a week ago when my instructor told me I needed to go into the VN program. I knew she was right since my ultimate goal is to be a PA and I need to start somewhere. My question is: What should I expect? MA was really easy but I know VN is going to much more in depth. As my instructor said, "I will have to do more than just vitals." I am so nervous! Is the workload crazy intense? Will I still have time for my family?

I'm an LVN student now about to wrap up my 2nd term in less than a month. I'm not an MA but a lot of my classmates are. I think they find the skill portion of it pretty easy but some struggle with theory while others don't. I don't think it's that challanging and if your instructor referred you to an VN program I'm sure you can handle it. I'm currently working, married, and studying my pre-reqs at the same time so I'm confident you can do it if you put your mind to it.

I am not trying to be nitpicky, I PROMISE.. Your screen name implies you are currently an LVN. I believe it is against TOS to have LPN(LVN in some states)/RN within your screen name if you are not a licensed nurse.

If you want to be a PA, have you considered pursuing the education necessary for becoming a PA? Pre req's are different, and the concepts are different as well. Nursing and medicine work hand in hand, but they are their own distinct field.

My goal was originally to become a PA but once I got started researching the local schools in my area had wait list so I switched to nursing and went to a vocational school to become a LVN. Now I want to be a NP. Look into it and see what you think.