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I'm trying to prepare myself for the first day on a med/tele floor. I'm going to work a weekend shift before I take the ACLS course and before I have my official orientation. Will it be much like clinicals in school where I shadow and assist my preceptor. Or will I be assigned my own patients with my preceptor present to help me with questions I may have?


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If it's your first day of orientation, most likely your preceptor will just have you follow them around like in clinicals. Every preceptor is different, but given you're a new grad, most people generally prefer just having you see what a typical day is like and get oriented to the facility and EMR system before having you do much hands on. They might have you do some tasks like administer meds and such, but your focus should be on learning the facility, policies, and daily routine on your very first day. You most definitely won't be assigned your own patients on your first day of orientation. After all, how are you going to chart what you did for them if you haven't even been taught how to use the system?


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Thanks for your reply. That is reassuring to hear. I'm very excited for my new job and just wanted to be mentally prepared.

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