What to expect on ANCC certification exam


I'm graduating from a adult / Gero program in May 2014. I'm taking the Fitzgerald review course in May as well. I'm wanting to take my boards mid July. Is this enough time to study or too much time? Also, for anyone that has taken the ANCC boards what should I expect ? Is it like NCLEX , how many questions , question style, multiple choice . Any feedback is greatly appreciated!! Thanks

I took Fitzgerald review and passed aanp exam on Monday for FNP. Fitzgerald recommends studying 4-6 weeks. I took the class on 1/21 and tested 3/3.


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Grabbed this info off of the ANCC website;

(The test is discounted to $125 which is awesome)

There are 200 Qs on the primary care adult-gero exam, 175 scores and 25 not scored/ further test development Qs.

Approx 58 questions on foundations of advanced practice nursing, 73 questions on independent practice and 44 questions on professional roles, per the 'test content outline' updated in 2013.

Most of the questions should be multiple-choice, but I heard that with the last ANCC update of the FNP exam that they added 'select all that apply', rank these in order of 1-2-3, and picture questions- not sure if these will show up on adult-gero.

The ANCC website has good resources for exam prep, including the 'test content outline' form that breaks the test down, and recommended source/ study materials used in developing the exam questions.

Good luck!



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Looks like we're in the same boat! I also graduate in May and plan to test in July . I just bought the Fitzgerald CDs for adult gero , not going to be able to take a live review, the one closest to me is in Atlanta in April 14 on a Monday so I can't attend. so I also plan to use the leik study guide and purchase some practice exams prior to testing. I must admit I have read a lot of helpful info on this site in regards to testing. Best of luck!