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What to expect at Agility physical tomorrow?!


So Im not sure if every place is different, but I am going for this huge physical (also think I will get info about benefit package etc) for this hospital as a new nursing assistant. I think the recruiter mentioned to wear loose clothing, they will make me bend ,stretch, lift, and something about a treadmill. Im most worried about the treadmill. Did you have to go through a huge physical like this and what did they make you do? I went to the park and walked/ran the track with my sister the other day(and think I messed up my foot somehow. left.side/bottom of left foot hurts to put weight on it. I think it might be getting somewhat better. I also think I may have asthma (I dont really know), because no matter how much I workout I cant breathe really well. I hope they dont make me run really fast for like 5 minutes on the treadmill! I wanted to workout/at least run in place today (to also prepare for tomorrow)..hopefully my foot doesnt get worse. I wish I had a treadmill but I dont. I guess I will be there for 2-3hrs tomorrow!

My physical agility test consisted of checking my use of body mechanics for lifting, turning and pivoting in order to transfer a 50 lb weight, fast deep knee bends all the way to the floor, and running up and down 6 flights of stairs. ( My butt hurt for days. ) They also checked my heart rate as I was doing the test.

Don't worry about this test, it won't be beyond your ability. Unless there's a box to check on the evaluation form that says: "Employee is an insufferable whiner" ...... then you might have a problem.

OOPSIE, I guess my reply to this was a little late. You already had the test. Oh well it was fun posting this anyway. :D