What exactly is CM and how do I get into it??

Specialties Case Management


Hi everyone,

From what I've been reading, CM sounds like it could be right up my alley?! I'm currently a RN on a med/surg unit (in a small rural hospital) To say the least, I am feeling unhappy with my job and have always dreamed of working for a insurance company, workman's comp., etc. I guess I shouldn't say that's my dream because I'm really not sure what their duties are, etc. ?? If someone could kinda fill me in, that would be great. Also, what are the usual requirements, etc. that I would need. Also, is the pay good? I live within commuting distance to Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN....if anyone out there could help me? Also...are there any good websites out there with more info about the whole CM world. Thanks everyone!!!:kiss

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