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What entry test did you take?


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Hi all,

I am due to apply to my bridge (done with pre-reqs this semester, Thank god!!!) this November to start next July. My program is requiring an entry test this year and we will be the first round of students to take this text. Most schools in my area have you take this test BEFORE you do pre-reqs, so if you don't pass it, then you won't waste your money on pre reqs. I am already 3 years in (part time student) so I have invested a chunk of change.

I have a 4.0 GPA but I haven't been expecting a test. It sounds like it's the PN Comprehensive Review so essentially the NCLEX. I have been out of LPN school for 8 years now so I am worried about how this will go for me. Not to mention that the nursing department is still deciding which brand of test so we cannot even buy question guides and we have to take it by 1/23/16.

What kind of tests are you having to take for entry to your bridge program?? I feel blinded by this since they are making it the rule so late in the year and one month away from when we are due to apply for the program.

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I had to take the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) prior to admission into an LVN program. The NET (Nursing Entrance Test) was the entrance exam I had to take during the process of getting admitted into an LPN-to-ASN bridge program.