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Could somebody explain the differench in the titles of nurses in the States(i.e.RN,LN,...).I am from Germany and a Nurse,but we don't have this different titles in Germany a Nurse is a Nurse and does everything.How is that in the States? I know from reading the Bulletin Board we do pretty much the same and have the same problems.Please help me to understand the difference and get a little smarter.

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Julie, RN

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Hello Foriegn Friend!

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OK, I'll give this info as best as I know, here it goes:

1 year of college:

LPN = Licensed Practical Nurse

LVN = Licensed Vocational Nurse

2-3 years of college:

ADN,RN = Associate Degree in Nursing

ASN,RN = Associate of Science in Nursing

4 years of college:

BSN,RN = Bachelor of Science in Nursing

6-7 years of college:

MSN,RN = Master of Science in Nursing

The RN stands for "registered nurse", meaning one has successfully passed the nursing board exam. If I am unclear or made any mistakes in presenting this to you I apologize confused.gif

How is the training over their? Do you have many different degree paths as we do?


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Thanks for the answer,it helped me a lot.Over here the training do not differ that much. I went to Nursing School for 3 years,which includes school and training on the job,after 3 years I had to pass an Exam devided into three parts- tests in Writing, an oral Exam in different areas and a Practice Exam( they follow you around for about 6 hours while you take care of 2-4 Patients and grade you on it). Once you passed the tests you are allowed to legally call yourself a certified Nurse. You can do more Schooling after two years on the job to specialize in a field,like two years of schooling to call yourself an ICU Nurse or a Surg. Nurse ,the school is not a must to work in an ICU or Surgery Room but you get paid better if you have the School. I work in an Neuro.ICU and don't have the Schooling yet,but hope to get it in the near future.I work for a big Hospital(about 1200 beds)and it is not easy to get a spot in the school and I just started working here about a year ago.Also you can specialize in fields like Geriatric Nurse ,Oncologic Nurse and so on.

I saw that you are interesseted in Oncology,what field there? I used to work on an oncologic Station,mainly Lymphoma.Well actually it was a mixed Station with Nephrology,Oncology and Haematology,and have to say I learned so much there.But I refuse to work in just on field,I like the change,it keeps myself on the toes and I keep flexable in my head.Have to say I like the ICU a lot and that is exactly what I am looking for.

I'll be going to the States next year (my hubby is American)and hope I'll get the chance to work there and see how things be done there.It is interessting to read that most of it is the same and it takes a lot of my fears away.

Thanks again for the answer:-))


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