What is the difference of starting the program in the spring semester vs fall?


I just got my acceptance letter stating that I will be starting in the spring/summer semester. I am super excited. But the paper also gave us the chance to give our spring spot up to someone else, and to start in the fall. I am taking it for spring, no doubt I want to finish early as possible. But I was just wonder if anyone knows what the difference is of starting in spring vs. starting in fall? Do you not get any breaks? or what? Is it crammed? I have no idea. Someone help.


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I think it really depends on the school. At my school I started in January so it was the spring semester, and I get summers off like normal. But then there is also a program starting this summer and they go year 'round with no summers off. So im not sure what you meant since you said "spring/summer". But dont be afraid to ask your counselors/teachers about questions like that, thats what they're there for! You should get used to asking questions now because once you've started you'll be asking questions all the time! lol Anyway, good luck!