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What country is best for nurses migration?

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Hello guys, i would like to ask your opinion regarding which country is best for migration i am choosing ireland, usa, australia, new zealand or canada.

1. Easiest way to get a job

2. Study program

3. Easiest or shorter time to get my famity

4. Cost of living

5. Good education for the kids

by the way i am filipino registered nurse currently working in a hospital here in united arab emirates. I am married with 2 kids.

thank you so much in advance.

i am just new here and this is my first post.

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If applying to Canada

You can find information about moving to Canada on the Canadian immigration and citizenship website (cic.gc.ca)

You can find information about the international nursing education assessment on the national nursing assessment service website (nnas.ca)

Choose which province you wish to live in

Look carefully at all of the fees and requirements on CIC and the provincial regulatory body website and try to predict your potential future costs for example

CIC requires proof of funds for immigration $15,000 (single), $23,000 (family of 4)

NNAS assessment $600

English language proficiency test (if required)

Cost of application to provincial regulatory body ($170-400)

Cost of competency test ($400-$1900) depending on the province

IEN bridging program (if required) $ 5,000 yr tuition + books

NCLEX registration exam ($360)

Jurisprudence exam (if required) ($40)

Nursing has shortage and surplus cycles currently in Canadian cities, there is a surplus of local, qualified nurses competing for jobs.

To determine cost of living google cost of living for the Canadian city you wish to live in.

The public education system is standardized and considered 'good'.

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I have been trying for Canada. It's a very very tedious process and not to mention expensive too. I am in the same predicament except I'm from Singapore and I don't have a family, yet.

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