What constitutes abandonment/malpractice?

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A freid of mine was working for hospice as a care manager. She had never had experience with care management and was told she would have adequate training. She was not given as much training as was needed for someone new to care management. She tried communicating with the hospice director who either took a long time to get back to her or didn't get back to her at all. The hospice organization was recently audited and a lot of their documentation was not where it needed to be. They asked my friend to pretty much falsify a document. So my friend typed up a resignation letter stating it was effective immediately and submitted it to human resources and to the director on Monday. In this hospice organization, the patients do not need to be seen on the day the nurse schedules herself/himself to see them, they just need to be seen once a week. My friend was contacted today by one of the other nurses in the hospice office who told her that people in the office were talking about going after her license. Could this situation be constituted as abandonment/malpractice? Also, what happens if she has to go to court and the people in the hospice office deny asking her to do the things they asked her to do, or deny the lack of communication? She's really scared that she will lose her license. Thanks!!

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What happens when they she would need a day off? Would they say no..you are abandoning your patients? I would think not, they would find someone to cover the patients.

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