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hi! i have a quick question. in new jersey - regulations for working on a sctu (special care transport unit) say you need one year experience in critical care. i work in icu and would like to start looking for per-diem positions with local north jersey transport companies.

i started in icu in january of 2010 so i do not have a full 12 months experience but i do have over 2200 hours worked since january which "time wise" would put me over one year of experience (2080 hours = 40hrs a week for 52 weeks). do you think the transport companies would take me now and would nj state would consider my hours worked 2200 verses my 9 months experience?

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I would go for it and give it a shot with the experience you have.

Just for example, my friend is a new grad working every other weekend. After she had a year of this under her belt, she applied for jobs that called for "one year experience". And her every other weekend didnt cut it. Places told her to keep working and try to get more hours.

GL to you.

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