What computer device to you use for clinicals?

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I will start the UNLV nursing program in January. We are required to have a PDA for clinicals. Since I just updated my cell phone I really don't want to purchase an Iphone (what most people use during clinicals). They said we can use an Ipad (but it will be too large to fit in a pocket) or other handheld device. I guess some people are using the Apple Itouch as well. I questioned the instructor if students have been using the Kindle and she didn't know what that was. I already have a Kindle and it will fit in my pocket but don't know if it will realistically work for what we have to do during clinicals. I am assuming that we will need to look up Rx and medical information but can I just download the books onto Kindle as opposed to an Iphone?

Everyone I have asked already has an Iphone so they don't have any recommendations for other devices. If the Kindle isn't a good tool for clinicals does anyone have any suggestions? With the fees and costs for nursing school I would rather save money wherever I can and avoid buying a product I won't use when I graduate.

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If you can put Davis' Drug Guide, a lab/diagnostic tests book, and maybe a patho text on there, I think you'll be fine. You need to ask your instructor what the purpose of the PDA is for - organization, reference, communication, etc. I had an instructor that used her phone to look up information on the floor, one who communicated with us on our cell phones by text, and then I've had plenty of instructors who do neither and think it's rude and unprofessional. *shrug* So if you just need it for reference, I think it will work. If you need to do scheduling (like putting in the times for meds you have to give your patient) or communicating with others, I'm not sure of the Kindle's features enough to answer whether it's in the range of what you need.

itouch with skyscape app..everyone is REQUIRED to have both in our program

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