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Hi, I have a question. What does a CNS do? Can you guys give my a description of what you do on a daily basis. What authority

do you have as a CNS over other nurses. Is there areas of specialities in the CNS field. Your reply's are greatly appreciated. :roll

Specializes in Critical care.

A CNS has many roles. Including- educator, expert practitioner, administrator, researcher, and consultant. The CNS can work in a variety of specialities. There are Maternal-Child CNSs, Acute and Critical Care CNSs (this is what I do), Psychiatric-Mental health CNSs (this group has been around a long time, like the original people to be called CNSs). Most CNSs programs include the courses needed to obtain perscriptive aurthority, this allows the CNS to work in MD offices, seeing patients just like an NP would. I have a persriptive authority number in the state of TX, though in my current role I do not need it, but if I ever did I will have it, without having to go back for classes. In my role as Critical care CNS, I do alot of teaching(help teach in the critical care course, ACLS courses, BLS courses), orientation program stuff (I have been in the process of developing an orientation program that is based upon the concept of critical thinking). I also have the responsibility of assuring nursing competencies are completed and checked off. I try to do bedside teaching whenever I can. I am not the boss, there is a Director that is over the three units that I have, so I have no direct authority of the staff and I don't want it either all that scheduling and staffing stuff I did it when I was nursing supervisor, had enough of it. Hope this helps anser your questions. I would encourage anyone thinking about graduate school to look into the CNS programs, I think being a CNS will allow for flexibility in your career opportunities.

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