What are CNA responsibilities in a hospital?


Hey everyone....trying to figure out what to do once I get certified as a CNA. I am interested in working in a hospital setting. Not too sure about nursing homes, very depressive. I am sure a hospital is a totally different environment. Much faster pace, etc. I would like to hear different stories of different environments...LTC, hospitals, etc. I graduate this coming Thursday, sending my application this Monday in Tampa, FL. Where do CNA's work in a hospital and what are their responsibilities? Can I work on a OB/GYN floor? Rehab at a LTC/Rehab? I am sooo excited, just need some direction.

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I worked as a CNA in the hospital setting to put myself through nursing school. Definitely a very fast paced environment! I worked for 1 1/2 years on an adult med-surg/telemetry floor. I was responsible for vital signs, I&O, emptying drains, baths, linen changes, blood sugars, specimen collections (no blood), ambulating pts, and answering call lights. I stayed busy, but I liked it. I also worked for 6 months on a pediatric floor as a CNA. At the peds hospital I did all that I listed above, but I was also allowed to do strait caths, perform EKG's, phelbotomy, suction, and assist with changing trach ties. As you can see, different hospitals allow CNA's to have different responsibilities. Did you already take a CNA class? I got my training for free through the hospital that I worked for.


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I am doing CNA classes through the Red Cross preparing me for the State Exam. I don't think hospitals around here actually train for CNA's - they do for PCT's. Wow! You did quite alot! That's what I thought! I don't wish to go for LPN or RN...just maybe training in different fields...


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I work on a telemetry unit and I do vitals, I&Os, EKGs, ADLs, answer call lights, enter some orders, chart vitals and I&Os. Good luck to you!!

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