What classes should I take as a second semester freshman pre nursing student?


I am abouty to finish my first semester as a freshman pre nursing student.. I took all of my basic skills classes, now what classes should i take that are prereq. into the nusing program.?

I hope you guys understand my question.. Thanx in advance..

Hello Ladii_T,:nuke:

You'll probably want to start with Anatomy and Physiology I, general psychology, english I and intro to sociology (if you're a full-time student) If you're part time try Anatomy and Physiology OR Microbiology and something like english I or intro to sociology. Try not take hard classes like Microbiology and A+P class together especially with 2 or 3 other classes unless you feel you can handle it and give each science your best. I hope I was some help. What nursing program do want to attend?

What I have done/ am doing:

AP credits from High school

  • General psychology
  • Spanish language

Summer 07

  • Spanish101
  • Speech
  • PE class

Spring 08

  • Sociology
  • English101

Summer 08

  • Microbiology
  • Nutrition
  • College Algebra

Fall 08

  • Chem103
  • Life-span development
  • Film

BTW I graduated HS in June 08 lol

I will be taking:

Winter 08

  • Statistics

Spring 09

  • Ap1
  • en102
  • abnormal psyc **social science elective**
  • Comparative religion **general elective**

Summer 09

  • Ap2

Your school might ask more/less classes than the school I’m looking into I suggest you look into the pre-reqs and if you are really confused speak with a counselor about planning your classes.

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