What Chicago Area Hospitals are hiring at the moment?

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I'm a Neuro ICU nurse interested in moving to Chicago this fall. I have applied at Rush Hospital Neuro ICU 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately nobody has called me for an interview. Also, I am having a tough time contacting Rush HR. Are there hospitals in the Chicago area or near suburbs hiring right now? If so, where would you recommend me applying? So far, I have noticed that UofC, Resurrection Health System, Advocate Health System are hiring.

BTW, Do you know when Loyola Hospital will start hiring again?


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i've heard that central dupage is hiring... http://www.cdh.org but they aren't in the city.... western burbs about 35 mi from city limits...


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Applied like 5 times to Rush and never heard anything, applied 3 times to Northwestern with referral from a big head there with no response, but those were for CNA positions. Resurrection is ALWAYS hiring though, which is where I currently work, they have a few suburban hospitals as well as some in the city. I would keep checking their postings (you can even have them emailed to you) it might take little bit to find one in your specialty but there's new postings almost everyday so I would just keep browsing, you shouldn't have a problem securing something before the fall.


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Rush's Neuro ICU is hiring. They just hired 3 new nurses that started last week. It seems like every month new people are starting. Its not that people are leaving, but the unit keeps growing. I would definitely check with HR, and leave them a message if you can't get through.


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Also, it takes a while to hear back from Rush.


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I work at Loyola. My friend also works there and was looking to transfer to another unit. She had applied to come to the ER where I am. In March there were two positions open for the ER, she got the call for an interview then they cancelled. They put a hiring freeze on and told her jobs may open back up in June. It's almost the end of June and she hasn't heard anything. With all the cuts made, I don't know when anything will be opening up. Good luck!


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Here's a good search - Chicago Hospital Nurse Jobs



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