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Ok so I am applying to BSN-DNP programs this fall as well as MSN programs (with preference for the BSN-DNP programs) and I am a bit nervous about getting accepted. The reason is my cumulative GPA is currently 3.3 (this is with a previous BA as well as numerous courses after college...the 3.3 is also combined with my nursing school GPA). If I take off the first 3 semesters of college, my GPA is around a 3.6. Do you think graduate schools will look at my first 3 semesters? I transferred after 3 semesters to another school where I graduated with a 3.79, but when I left the first school my GPA was a 2.53.

My GREs also aren't that hot: I have a 550V, 700Q, 6A. I know the 6A is good, but my verbal feels very, very low and I think BSN-DNP programs are going to be very competitive. I also am writing a thesis this semester hoping that this will impress admissions committees. What do you think my chances are?

Edit to add: The schools I am applying to are ASU, UIC, Pitt, Columbia, BC, Yale, , UNC-Chapel Hill, Rush, Penn, UWash

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I think most schools look at the big picture of you, not just your GPA. I think this especially holds true if you've been out in the work force for a while and have other life experiences to bring to the table. My undergrad grades were not stellar, to put it mildly. But, I went back, got an MBA with good grades, and later started taking the pre-reqs for NP school, and got really high grades in those courses. My GRE scores were good, but not amazing. The schools liked that I had really applied myself as I got older, and thought my work and life experiences were just as valuable as my grades. Bottom line-I was accepted to all 3 schools I applied to. Write some kick ass essays (from your heart) and get them professionally edited. Talk about how committed you now are to learning and the nursing profession. I think you have a good shot.....


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Hi greygooseuria,

Did you end up getting accepted to the UIC DNP program? Did you get an interview? I applied and am waiting to hear back. Thanks!

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