What are my chances of getting into a San Diego Area RN Program?


I am going over the admission criteria and am getting really depressed! I have right now 59 points. My Science Pre Reqs I have a GPA of 3.42 (the next 5 pt level is 3.5!), I have 3.0 in the fixed set (3 b, 1 a and 1 c), 3 pts for hardships, and hoping for 79% on TEAS next week for 30 points. So grand total is 59! Geez, I have good grades, but it doesn't look like it will cut it! I am getting a CNA by end of May which will give me 5 points. Making my totals 64. Any suggestions? I can't take any classes over, as I don't want to jeopardize the grade I already have and I dont have time.

I have always wanted to be a nurse and I have a limited time in making that happen, as I am unemployed right now but cannot stay this way. Will my dream of being a nurse every materialize?

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It's hard to say because you're not telling where you are getting your points from. SDSU? San Marcos? Grossmont? SWC? SD City? Each program has different point systems so 59 point out of a total of 75 and a total of 90 could be a drastic difference.


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This sounds like the community college points because of the hardships section. I had mid-high sixties when applying for fall 2012 ( I don't remember exactly) to city college and grossmont and was rejected. I did my cna june 2012 to increase 5 pts for next time but was accepted to SDSU in july for spring 2013, luckily they have a different point structure.

I heard that grossmont doesn't look at students who don't make at least 80% on teas..but thats just a rumor.

My advice is to apply to every school and try to fill in all those extra boxes for more points as you go, like foreign language, because rejection does happen.

I would also retake the course with a C even though you said you don't want to risk it, it will increase your gpa and that next bracket might be the boost you need.