What are my chances of getting into NYU College of Nursing?


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Hello everyone,

I've recently begun applying as a transfer student to different nursing schools. However, I am most interested in attending NYU after attending one of their open houses. I am a bit worried, though, because I was told that only about 15% of the transfer students who apply actually get accepted.

I have attended a community college, this is my last semester, where I have attained an overall GPA of 3.42 and will possibly be 3.56 by the end of this semester. I calculated my GPA in the following courses: Chemistry (1 &2), Anatomy & Physiology (1 & 2), Statistics, Microbiology, and Psychology.

If I only count those courses my GPA is 3.2 for those classes.

With this GPA, I am afraid I cannot make it into the program. Even worse is the fact that I totally screwed up in 2005 when I attended two other schools and dropped out without officially withdrawing in both schools. I also calculated my overall GPA for all 3 schools and it comes out to 3.11

Will holding a position as the Vice President for my school's photography club for more than half a year, being the secretary for the Chinese Culture club, holding a seat in the student senate, and being a student ambassador increase my chances? If not, what can I do to raise my chances as a possible candidate?

Do the recommendations help much? How about the admissions essay?



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I think you have a good chance. Good Luck!!!


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hey! i want to go to NYU for nursing as well. i am at kingsbourgh right now..and so tired of this cuny system. How did things turn out for you? Did you end up going to nyu?