What are my chances of getting into nursing school?


Hi everyone!

I've been doing a lot of thinking and I just wanted to see where I'm at and what I need to do in order to become a nurse. I am student at Binghamton University, however, I'm taking the semester off taking some pre-req courses at my local community college. So far I've taken the following classes

A&P1: A

Molecular Bio: A

Gen Psych: C+

Developmental Psych: A

Statistics: A-

Gen Chem 1: C+

Gen Chem 2: B+

Composition Course 1: B+

Composition Course 2: A-

I still need to take A&P 2 and microbiology, which I'll take this summer. Also my accumulative GPA is about a 2.9 at Binghamton, where I will most likely graduate. My first semester in college I had some personal issues and I really messed up and ended up with a 1.84 gpa. But, second semester I got around a 3.5 and third semester I ended up with about a 3.2. So all together I still only have a 2.9. However, by the time I graduate I think I can still pull off a 3.2/3.3 maybe even higher.

So with that being said my first question is what should I major in? I want to get my BA before going into nursing school, however, I don't really know which major would help me the most. And lastly, are my grades okay to get into some decent nursing schools? And if anyone can recommend me any programs please feel free to let met know! Also, constructive criticism is welcomed. Also, if it matters I am a male student. Some friends of mine who are part of the nursing program at Binghamton were telling me the standards for male students to get into the program was lower because of shortage of male nurses? Any advice/input would be great!


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i will try to answer your question from my personal experiences if that is okay with you. I used to do work study at a student service office for my nursing college and worked closely with admission into the school at a major university. For that being said, I think it is great that you will receive 3.3 GPA and the fact that you are male student. I think your gender makes a great selling point for them to consider you talking from a diversity point of view. I am not from Binghamton University but I would say that you have a fair chance of getting into a school with a 3.3 GPA. I could tell you that your grade will probably not stand out from the rest of applicants. Your biggest chance in get into the school will be your gender, your determination and your networking/connection/recommendation in the college. I really hope it helps. PS- if you are willing to move for your nursing major and apply to more colleges in state or out state will help too.


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Thank you for the input! I will most likely be applying to several programs. And binghamton does not allow me to replace grades if I take a course twice. If I took the same course at a different school would that be okay?


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You have to forward that question to your admission office...as for my school, any course taking outside of school with the final grade C+ above will be considered a transfer class and will NOT change the GPA with the university. In other words, it is just a passing grade to them and counts as transfer credits.


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We are in the same boat! I graduated from Stony Brook with a 2.86 GPA with a Health Science major. Got a few C's on science classes my freshman and sophomore year due to personal reasons, however, I picked up my grades significantly during the last two years. A year after I graduated, I retook some of those science courses and worked as CNA and volunteered in a few places. I finally got into LIU Brooklyn's accelerated program and I just got an interview with Pace for their accelerated program as well. If you feel like your grades are an issues, consider retaking some, otherwise, write an epic personal statement and do some volunteering!