What are my chances of getting into an AD nursing program?

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I'm currently a student at UConn Stamford and after a lot of thought, I have decided to pursue Nursing as my career! UConn Stamford does not offer an undergraduate nursing program so I have been looking at schools around my area to apply to. St. Vincent's College is my top choice. NCC's nursing program is my close second. My goal is to start out by getting my Associates, then if possible, go on to get my BSN later down the road. I am only a junior however I have transferred to over 3 schools. My high school GPA was around a 2.89. My freshman year I went to University of Tampa and received a 2.92 GPA, I then went to NCC for a year and received a 3.5 GPA, however Spring 2012 I went to UConn Storrs and did very poorly due to an experience that put me in a very dark place and made it difficult to concentrate on my studies. I received below a 2.0 GPA and am nervous that my Storrs GPA will jeopardize any chance of me getting into a nursing program. I am in the process of trying to erase these marks from my transcript however I'm not sure if my petition will be granted. I have taken A&P and got an A and took chemistry and got a B. Is there any chance of me getting into a nursing program (preferrably St. Vincent's or the NCC program) with this UConn Storrs GPA weighing me down? In other words, do they look at my previous academic history as a whole or will they solely base their decision on my storrs transcript? Please be honest! I want to know if I at least have a shot!!!:unsure: Thanks!!!!:up:

Some schools only look at pre req GPA and some look at overall. Also the schools you are looking into could consider any volunteer/health care experience, standardized tests scores, essay or interview. Those extra factors are helpful in your case. Hopefully your petition goes through, but continue to do well in your pre req classes like you did for A&P and Chem, trying to make all A's. I am not familiar with NCC but did look it up. Some community colleges are just as competitive because they are cheaper tuition and do not take as long. I think it's good you are applying to a private school like St. Vincent's because usually they have less people applying (due to financial reasons) so you are more likely to be competitive. Good luck to you!

i got into St. Vincent's Prenursing program for the spring! :up: thanks for your input!! can't wait to start my journey of becoming an RN

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