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What are my chances of being accepted into nursing school?

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Hi, I have completed all of my pre requisite courses for my nursing program and submitted my application to my local community college for the paramedic to RN bridge and for the 2 year ADN program. I am worried because my ACT is only an 18 and that is the minimum score my school requires. Also my GPA is only a 2.7 from cumulative courses dating back to 2009 where I didn’t care about school as a teen and made a few bad grades. I have a 3.7 GPA from nursing pre req courses. Admission is based on a point system and I have 38 out of 58 points. The point system goes by your nursing pre req course GPA, not my cumulative thank god. But the ACT point system is based on what ACT score you obtained. I also got 10 points for first time nursing school admission, and 3 points for my paramedic. I sent my application in a week ago and I won’t find out until 4-6 weeks. I am extremely nervous. What are my chances of getting in based on your past experiences?

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