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What can I do this year to improve my chances?


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Hi all! I wanted to know if any of you had tips for how to improve my application. I plan to apply Fall 2015 to Gonzaga (spokane, wa) and OHSU (Portland, or).

My BSN GPA is 3.76 with science GPA 3.91. I work in a large 32-bed adult ICU that is in a major metro area. We see it all...open hearts with PA Caths, surgical, medical, neuro, and everything in between. Frequently patients are vented and/or have vasoactive gtts. Art lines, CVPs, etc. I have only worked there since this past June (2014). By application deadline I will have almost 1.5 years of experience. (I also have over 2.5 years of pediatric acute care RN experience).

I will take CCRN as soon as I am eligible (approx. May 2015) and am studying for GRE now. I generally test well and hopefully will get a decent GRE. Gonzaga doesn't require GRE, OHSU does. I also need to take a stats class for OHSU, which will be this fall. For Gonzaga, I need to take one more science class (they require 7 and I have 6). Which science class would boost my app most? I have taken 2 chem classes. One titled "intro to chemistry," one titled "intro to organic chemistry and biochemistry." I have heard it is good to take organic or biochem, but I don't know if this class counts for that or if there is a better, more in-depth one that could help.

I have shadowed once and have it worked out to continue to shadow the same CRNA about 1-2x a month until I apply.

I generally interview well (although this is a whole different ball game, I'm sure.) What can I do to better improve my chances of getting that interview? Classes I can take? Certifications to earn? Extra ideas? Volunteer work? I appreciate any help I could get. Getting into school would be a dream and I want to spend this next year wisely to ensure I can achieve this goal.

Thanks so much! Also, if anyone has ideas of other schools I could get into, based on my stats, I would love to hear them!


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Do well on the GRE - time yourself when you practice. Also 4.0 your statistics.

Otherwise you look very competitive. Prepare your typical interview questions because you should get one.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to offer help. I really appreciate it! Do you have any suggestions for the best science class to take- or know of any advanced biochem/organic chem online classes?

fourthtimesacharm, BSN, RN

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Hi, seamel

I was wondering if you got into CRNA school and if so, where? I am an SU grad from '15 and am applying to OHSU this year.