What can a filipino RN do to work in Canada?

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hello guys!

i graduated from BS nursing last year, 2009, in the Philippines and had passed the local boards november of last year too. had no clinical experience after graduating and taking the local boards. i'm currently staying in Mississauga, Canada as a tourist and now i'm looking for ways on how to be licensed here or that would make my stay longer here.

by the way, if ever i'll be going back to the Philippines, do you know the requirements or things that i need take to apply here in Canada?

hope you can help me. thanks in advance

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First of all, you need to read the red banner at the top of this forum where it says:

Posts pertaining to working in Canada and/or immigration or licensure questions specific for Canada, please post it under the International Forum.

Then you need to read the hundreds of posts form other nurses who were educated in the Philippines as to the process they were required to follow. It's all here. You just have to look for it.

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