What is a BLS Certification?

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was wondering. :idea: i've been looking online at some of the job openings for nurses just so i can kind of know what to expect when i get through school, and i've noticed a lot of jobs require bls in addition to your state certification. it doesn't say what it is though.:confused: does anyone know that would care to fill me in ..lol???


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oh ok, thank you! do you know if that is included in your nursing program or is that something that has to be obtained seperately? the way they have it worded on the job postings has left me curious..lol

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I am not sure how they work it in your program.........for the one I am in, we have to get that cert separately.

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I wouldn't worry about it yet. I've worked at 3 hospitals, and during orientation at all 3, I went through the full BLS (aka CPR) course. Sophomore year in nursing school, before we started clinicals, the school gave us a full course as well. Since we had to recertify every year, the school offered it to us every year if we hadn't renewed through a hosital in the meantime. I've never had to pay for a course.

During one year in nursing school, I ended up taking the full course 3 times due to school and job requirements!!!


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ok thank you for the info!!!!:)

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