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I've been having a hard time finding a job in the hospital and I've currently got two offers. One from a hospice job which I already accepted but didn't start and the other from an encompass facility. They both currently pay the same rate, and while the hospice job is more interesting to me, I ultimately want hospital experience to expand my career down the line and open my options/opportunities in the future. Does encompass count as hospital experience? What do you think is the better opportunity?

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If your asking about Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital, that is hospital experience more sub acute than an acute care facility. It would be a better choice for a new grad as will expose you to many different disease process, somewhat stable patients post stroke, brain injury, complex neuro + orthopedic conditions, trauma rehab etc.   Will hone assessment skills, medication management, learn complex wound care, sequelae of diseases and learn how to promote patient independence to extent possible.  Will have other staff working with you along with physicians.  

Hospice is independent practice -- alone in patients homes or may be only nurse in inpatient setting, need to know disease process, pain and med management, have expertise in dealing with distraught families to not be overwhelmed in first position. Backup support often lacking during crisis situation.

Rehab hospital experience more valuable in later getting into an acute care hospital position if desired. Hope this helps in choosing first position.

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