What is the best PDA out there?

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Planning on asking for a PDA for Christmas, just wondering what is the best bang for the buck...BTW, I have no experience with PDA's or even what to look for in them...any help would be appreciated.:)

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I went for the PDA that had color (to see better), loadable card, option of light mode (too see better), and one that had a solid reputation; I chose Palm M515.

I love it.

This Palm was $ 300.00. I have a med clinical reference, drug book, lab reference, splash wallet (with photos, finance inventory, family refernces of favorites for shopping) all the basics of palm with some enhancements like a colored date book, and many games.

My latest favorite game is Scrabble with an an extra Dictionery reference that I downloaded separate from the game that cost

$ 8.00. I get stuck in traffic from time to time at train crossings etc and it is nice to have something positive to occupy my time etc.

There are many posts on this topic; try doing a search on this BB of PDA's or Palms and see what other posters have said in the past.

My PDA, with it's extra downloadable card is not close to capacity with it's 64 MB card. If this sounds tricky don't fret the PDA's of today and the mini handheld computers are very user friendly. I chose my PDA cause I did not need the blue tooth technology and I wanted to take advantage of the many health care related downloads for a PDA versus a handheld computer (I think the handheld downloads are quickly catching up though).

I hope this helps you; let us know if you have any questions. ;)


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Choosing a PDA is an extremely large subject AND very subjective. Check out Consumer Reports magazine or website for reliable information. Also go to http://reviews.cnet.com and click on "Pocket PC" under "Handhelds".

More information and reviews can be researched at http://www.pocketpcmag.com and http://www.pdabuzz.com

Make the shopping fun.


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Thanks for the tips guys.....you have been a lot of help:)

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