What are the best nursing schools to learn neurology on the East Coast?


Hello everyone! I have my first Bachelor's Degree in Neuroscience and I plan on attending a second degree nursing program. I am choosing nursing over medical school, because I enjoy the patient care aspect of nursing. Neuroscience has always been an interest of mine, since I have a family member with epilepsy.

I would like to become a neurology nurse and I could use some advice on selecting a nursing program. I know that nurses can obtain the Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse credential. And I researched some nursing schools known for their neurology department such as Johns Hopkins. Can anyone recommend any other nursing programs with neurology clinical, or room for neurology electives? Possibly on the east coast.




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In my experience, that's not really how it works. Mostly nursing schools are all going to cover all the same topics relatively evenly. If a particular school does clinicals at a place that you're very interested in working at, then you could focus on that. Mostly your specialization in neurology is going to come after nursing school with the job you get. I worked in a level one neuro/trauma unit and it's a blast. But honestly, nursing school is nursing school. They don't really "specialize" in things. You'll get an ICU rotation where you can hopefully choose a neuro-ICU, but you'll also get OB and postpartum and mental health and everything else.

Good luck


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I go to Thomas Jefferson University (12 month 'FACT' program, but there's also a 2 year bsn program for second degree). Jefferson has its own neuroscience hospital, so we did a neuro clinical rotation. I think most people were placed at the neuro hospital but other people were on neuro floors at the main hospital. Some people also got rotations at the rehab hospital nearby. The clinical was only 2 weeks, so we didn't get to see everything but it was my favorite rotation. Not every school gets a neuro rotation though. I love the Jeff program and highly recommend it. If you have any questions though just inbox me!