What areas of nursing pay the best?

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I am planning a career change into nursing in the next 2-3 years. I am 44. I have always wanted to be a nurse and I am not changing into the career for the money-it is what I have always wanted to do. There are many different areas I am interested in. Some things I have thought about are: getting a doctorate and teaching in a BSN program, getting a nurse practioner degree and working in a holisitic wellness clinic, going into nursing management (I have a MBA and a CPA from many years ago). I think I do want to do this for the right reasons, however money is an issue. I would appreciate your input so I can head towards an area that I will like, and can do well financially. Thanks for your ideas.


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CRNA is the highest paying nursing job. Teaching jobs don't pay as much as bedside nursing. Most experienced floor nurses make more than nurse practioners. Hope that helps!


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Travel nursing/ agency nursing/ ICU---med/surg gives great bonuses. Work where you'll be happy is the best reward. Don't go for the money as your first priority, you'll just incur undue stress that money can't reverse.

Find an area that you like and don't make your decision soley based on monetary gain. You will be much happier if you chose an area that you enjoy.

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