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Was dismissed from my nursing program at the end of last year. I pretty much admitted fault for my failure and it all happened in one semester, my second to last. Prior to that semester I was doing well, but I burned out from the grueling schedule and a chronic illness that had started to take a toll on me. I could have dropped on of my classes and dealt with one failure, But one of my best traits is also one of my worst, I hate giving up on things and will hold on to a sinking ship.

So now I find myself trying to reset my everything. I want to start applications and one of the school I am interested in require a 2 yrs wait post dismissal to apply. However I want to still try. My previous program is accredited by the state but not any nursing body as a result the classes do not transfer in most schools in my area unless you already have your RN license (I know nurses who have gotten the ADN there and then went on to have their BSN online). I was wondering if it is necessary to give the transcript from the school or will they find out during a background check. I took my prerequisite at a local CC. Either way I will be applying to other schools without the restrictions.

I don't think it would show in a background, but all the programs I've seen require transcripts from every college you've attended. And if you don't and they find out, they dismiss you from the program immediately for academic dishonesty.

And it's not at all unusual for nursing credits not to transfer. I'd say it's far more usual for them not to with any regionally accredited school. So I'm not sure it has anything to do with your previous program and more of it being a general thing for nursing programs.

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It sounds like your option is to wait the two years that the 2nd program requires, and then apply.

As Glucagon said, if schools require previous transcripts, yes you have to submit them. You will eliminate the option you do have, if you use deception to circumvent the process. (It is also the norm for nursing classes not to transfer; and also for schools to require a certain % of coursework be completed at THAT school, for them to confer a degree.)

Use this time to get your health and life under control, so that next time you can manage the rigors of school.

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