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Hi everyone:)

I have been researching for about a month or so - and I am really contemplating enrolling! Many of my questions have been answered by the enrollment counselors and on the school website itself however (even though I am still in the enrollment process) I am looking post-graduation!

I am just curious what type of success graduates have achieved from employers with having a degree from this university? Does anyone know of any NP programs that will accept a degree from WGU? I will be finding out tomorrow which and how many credits will transfer over from previous colleges! It seems as though most of the reviews I have read are positive however they are mostly from current students - not necessarily graduates!

Also, I am looking into the RN-MSN but I am still deciding if I want to do the management/leadership or education pathway! I have a few months to decide what I am going to do because I am not looking to start until August 2014.

I feel this is such a huge step/decision and I feel so scatter-brained even thinking about it! Any help would be greatly appreciated:) Thanks in advance!

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I am a graduate (BSN) and have been accepted to several MSN programs - although I have no interest in becoming a nurse practitioner. Many WGU graduates have been accepted into NP programs, both online and B&M, from what I have seen on the BSN and MSN facebook boards. If you have a specific school in mind, I'd call and ask them what they think. WGU has full regional accreditation, just like a brick and mortar, so the main stumbling point would be the 3.0GPA. I checked the B&M NP programs I could go to here in NY and both local schools only require a 3.0. GPA.

As for the MSN program, it's all new - just changed in September, so I can't comment on much about that JUST yet. I'm still sitting on the fence. :)


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featherzRN, thanks much for your response! I have been calling around to NP programs and I have gotten mixed responses! Some facilities are unsure of whether they accept degrees, some say they do but with stipulations! This is something that I will continue to look into as I will not be starting the program for quite a few months yet!

So, if I may ask - why are you on the fence about completing the MSN program through WGU? Or are you saying that you are just on the fence about getting it all together?

Thanks again for your response!

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RN2012 -

The program is new (MSN), so I am just waiting to see how others do in it. There's a new added field experience that may not be doable with my schedule, but waiting to see what that entails. I don't have a need for an MSN right now, so there's no hurry. I did enjoy the BSN program, however! You won't find a quicker or more affordable program, IMO.

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