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Can anyone give me more information about the clinical time with ? I have applied for the WGU Indiana Pre-Licensure Nursing Program. The August cohort was canceled but I am going to try for the October. If I am right then that would put me at around March for the clinicals, right? My advisor said the clinicals start 6 months in. Am I also understanding right that the clinicals are then every 3 months? Also, are they at the end of the month, or more specifically, the last two weeks?

October ? I was told there was a September cohort to begin at Wishard, but nothing about a cohort in October. Do you know why the one was cancelled for August? I don't know much abou the clinicals prtion, only what I've heard from others. I'm in Indiana as well and looking to apply to the September cohort. The one that was scheduled to bein in August was at Hancock Regional so I ddnt want to apply because I live on the west side of Indy.

Yes, there is one at Wishard in September but I was just told a few days ago that an August cohort was not happening. I am not sure why, I did not ask. I cannot imagine it is because they didn't have enough people. I would think that they would have their act together a little bit more. I live in Bloomington but would rather do my clinicals at Hancock. For me, the distance would be about the same, but I definitely see where you are coming from.

With all that being said I still feel confident that I am making the right choice about choosing . I just wish I knew more about what was going on. I just found out last week that they did not take one of my classes (one that I sent transcripts for at the beginning of June) and now I have no choice but to clep out. My advisor is really great by the way!

Good luck, I hope it all works out for you!

Okay I totally understand your traveling concerns. My guess is, it may be due to an insufficient amount of people, believe it or not, many are unaware of this program. Which can be bad and good for us.,..lol the one at Hancock regional is the first time they've used that facility so this may have something to do with it. I am waiting to talk to my EC to see what the next steps are. They didn't accept my Gen Chem so I still have Bio Chem left to do. I feel confident that I'm making the right decision as well. I've heard great things and the online portion as well as the clinical setup allow me to stay home more with my little one as well as working more, I love the flexibility. i wish you the best of luck and I will keep you updated on the admissions status. I hope it all works out for you as well


I have Bio and Pharm left. For some reason I feel really confident about getting in. I love that there is someone close by that will be going through the same thing. I am 39, work full time, and have a husband and 3 children, so I know about needing the flexibility. When I get a few more posts under my belt then I can send personal messages so we can talk more.

For some reason I feel the same way too. I'm 23 have a one year old daughter. Her father and I are talking about getting married next year. I'm excited about this program, just hate playing the waiting game. I guess I'm very impatient. My story is a little different from most. I currently attend Marian University and just finished my first year of nursing school this Spring. I would be graduating in May 2014 but I've stumbled across several financial aid issues. I have almost reached my max on federal student loans and this was my main source of aid for this school, as its very expensive and grants alone definitely dont cover it. This has upset me this entire summer but I find to be a blessing. I ddnt find out about the aid situation until late May and immediately began looking, and there was WGU. I still have enough left to borrow and with a combination of grants and money from my jobs tuition reimbursement I can still afford their program. So I definitely have my fingers crossed and Im just hoping for the best. Just keep posting and you'll reach t, I had the same issue at first but with time I have hit the limit...lol

I am in the first Indiana cohort. For the first two terms (first year) you will do a clinical rotation at the end of the second month, beginning of the 3rd month. Each six month term is broken into two three month clinical courses. They schedule to have you finish your clinical a couple of weeks before the official end of the term so you have time to wrap up any loose ends. So, say a person started in January, they would be doing their clinical at the end of feb/beginning of march. You do non-clinical courses on the side. You also have a lab the first and second month, then a lab assessment you must pass to progress to clinicals. The first three months is foundations though, and there is no clinical for that class, only labs. Is this confusing yet? As for finding out anything, you kinda have to get used to hearing things at the last minute. I will be doing my OB in my next term starting in November, and I don't know where that will be! Because the program is new, there are a lot of kinks to work out. Believe me, being in the first cohort has been interesting. Overall though, I like the program and I would recommend it. The coursework is relevant and I feel well prepared for my clinicals, which I have done at the VA so far. The best part is the one on one clinical coach time. You have your very own nurse, and you work full shifts. This is awesome! Because of the full shifts, I have gotten to practice a lot of skills that traditional students may not get the chance to. My very first clinical I inserted a Foley! My last one, I got to start probably 6 IVs and did all kinds med admin and dressing changes. I'll be done in October, 2013, can't wait!!


You must've entered t he program when it was still just 2 years, since then they've added on another term :(... I will be starting in September and I'm excited and ready to be done!! Good luck with everything and please feel free to post things as you experience them!

That is great information, thanks! I am excited and hope I make it in!

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