WGU C361 - Evidence Based Practice: HELP NEEDED :)


Hello everyone,

I am a new student at WGU and I have come to the point of taking C361, the dreaded EBP course. My main concern is not knowing where to start. I know that there is the e-book and the assigned reading as well as Tasks 1&2. Any advice on how to tackle the course content? I feel overwhelmed and a bit anxious. Any help will be welcome.

Thank you!

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Make an appointment with a Course Mentor. See if there are cohorts/ webinars. Check the Course Announcements and Chatter. There are tons of resources for this course.


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Thank you! I feel like I just tried to get started without having an action plan plus a bit of panic. I will just take a deep breath and do my best :)

Did you get the help you needed? What was the outcome lol I am about to take this course and am curious has to the level of difficulty etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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I figured it out on my own really. I took some time and tried to meet what the rubric asked for. The hard part was setting a topic and finding the articles. Best of luck!