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WGU BSN program feedback



I hope you all are well! I just submitted all my information for the WGU application.

  1. What was your experience like during the program?
  2. Did you enjoy it?
  3. Any advice, recommendations or suggestions?
  4. Were you able to work during this time? What kind of job did you have? I currently work full time in a school district so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep my job with the program and clinicals.
  5. What insurance did you get? Does WGU offer insurance plans at a lower rate? I won't be able to keep my insurance, if I stop working with the district?
  6. How did you pay for the program? How much was everything per semester? I plan to pull from my teacher retirement and use my tax refund for the last year before quitting my job.
  7. Were your classes online? Did you meet in a class at a specific location?
  8. How was your nursing mentor? Was it hard to follow their schedule, etc. Did you find the experience helpful and hands on?

Please, please...all and any information will help! Thank you!!

Hello I just submitted my last paper for the program last night !! I really enjoyed this program. Some people are able to finish it in 6 months or less and I can see how they can but I finished it 18 months. My advice is to contact the course instructors immediately if you are confused. They Are helpful. There’s also a facebook group that’s helpful ! Good luck !