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Wgu bsn dallas/decatur 6/1/2018

Camille81 Camille81 (New) New

How long does it take to get an answer regarding acceptance into the program??? 😫 Has anyone heard anything yet?

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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You generally find out in the month prior to the cohort start date.

Hi all,

I just finished everything I needed to do in order to be accepted into the WGU Decatur Cohort. Now, it's just a waiting game. I'm excited and nervous. I have been an LVN since 2004 and chose WGU so that I can continue to work until the last four to six months. Anyone else out there planning on December start in Decatur 2018? Anyone else going through the program now and can give feedback on how good it is? Thanks for your time.

I am going to take 2 sciences over thru straighter line then hopefully I an start in December 2018 in Fort Worth. I am excited and ready. If anyone has already started can you please give some helpful tips. How is it going for you. And does anyone know how many they accept. And if anyone else is going to start in December in Fort worth would you like to do study groups some time. TIA

I have 2 classes they want me to retake and I am going to jump on those asap so I can try and begin in Dec. In for worth as well. I am excited. When do you know if you got in. And whats the process now for you.