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Westwood lodge

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Hi all,

I am a new grad (Jan. 2010) and passed my nclex in March. I have my first interview tommorow at Westwood Lodge (part of Arbour Healthcare). I am interested in psych nurisng so this is definately a good opportunity. I was wondering if any one knew anything about this place? The reviews I looked at weren't good : (

I really need the med/surg exerience but haven't been able to find a position in med/surg : (



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I wish I could tell you something good but I don't think it's a safe place to work. They had a death there because they didn't believe a patient when they said they had a headache and it turned out to be a VP shunt malfunction. They also let the kids do what er they want there including wear belts, play musical instruments, rollerskate down the hall. The kids love it because they do whatever they want and are always shocked when they are admitted to our facility and actually have to attend groups and abide by rules. It's a brutal awakening for them.

I have to second that opinion, of course, places can improve, but... i personally experience a death of a family member, adolescent, who was there. Not the one mentioned already... I know the job market is terrible, but ..

Best of luck


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I almost applied there last year, but after reading all the terrible reviews/comments previously posted on this board, I decided against it.

As on of my nurse preceptors once told me (repeatedly. like, every day): PROTECT YOUR LICENSE!


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Some units are better then others is all I can say. I would stay clear from there unless you have a strong interest in psych nursing.

No offense to new grads. Would you want most of the nurses you work with being as new as you with no one to turn too? Of course some new grads are very good.

It takes a special nurse to become a Psychiatric Nurse.

If your intentions are to do psychiatric nursing it is a great place to start. Psych nursing is not "easy nursing" no nursing is easy.