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There is a rumor that Westminster College in Salt Lake City will have an anesthesia program within two years. Can anyone confirm this?

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No and ...No

I just got off the phone with the Nursing department.

I heard the same rumor 2 yrs ago except it was about U of U. I was pretty excited because that would mean moving only 200 miles instead of 2000 miles for Anesthesia school. I called and spoke w/ the assistant dean, had a pretty good talk as to the reasons they didn't and couldn't have a CRNA.

Sorry, why don't you come to Albany NY with me the weathers great its only -20 right now.


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Westminster College has a CRNA program and it is one of the best in the state. They also offer a nurse practioner degree and master of nursing education degree.


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original post from 2004....

program link:msna master of science in nurse anesthesia

this is a brand new program with first graduates in 2009 per website.


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Saltlake ... I hope its one of the best CRNA schools in the state ... because its the ONLY CRNA school in the state.

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