WGU Waco/Temple Cohort Prelicensure 2018

  1. Has anyone applied for this location for the Prelice sure program with the April 1 deadline. If so what are your stats ? Also, did anyone use Straighterline for any of the pre-reqs?
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  3. by   Lisakay72
    Hello there, I live in killeen and I am in the process of applying. I'm just waiting to hear which credits will transfer and what I need to take. I plan on taking some straighterline and study.com courses. I'm going to "stalk" your post for advice. Good luck
  4. by   ndg424
    I have applied. I have all of the pre-reqs but I'm having a hard time getting ahold of a super old CLEP score for Composition I. I was told they are waiving the deadline because they are trying to get enough people to set a start date. She said right now they have 5 ready to start and 18 pending. I guess they have to have 10-12 before they'll set a start date. I was thinking of doing the straighterline statistics and pharmacology meanwhile..I need to know soon bc I'm also enrolled in Temple College LVN for May 29! I dontwant to drop out until i know for sure they have a start date.