WGU-San Antonio, Tx-November 2018

  1. Hey there! After getting halfway through an ADN program, I decided it was not for me, and applied to WGU and finally go into a cohort in San Antonio starting in less than two months! I'm beyond excited. Has anyone else received their acceptance call, or planning on attending this cohort?
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  3. by   FraggleRockz
    Didn't know they have one starting for San antonio? Cool. Will they be starting cohorts yearly, every 6 months, every other month? Just curious.
  4. by   That_Gal_Jes
    They'll be staring cohorts yearly for now, as I understand. If you have the pre-reqs, try seeing if you can get in, I was the first in, but they still have spots from what I understand.
  5. by   FraggleRockz
    Oh wow cool...doing my last pre req now through straighterline thanx for the info
  6. by   Psychnursehopeful
    What ADN program were you attending?
  7. by   That_Gal_Jes
    Temple College. They were teaching incorrect information. I made it through with A's the first semester, but when I said something about their pharm class teaching things that I knew to be wrong, and about other things that conflicted themselves, they started 'losing' my work and my grades started changing, so I decided to move on, which is one of the hardest choices I've had to make in school yet. I could no longer trust my education, and my career depended on it.
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  8. by   smarie786
    I am applying for this new program in SA. I'm mostly finished with my application process, I only have the letter of intent to turn in. I hope I get in. Do you know how many people have been accepted already?
  9. by   That_Gal_Jes
    I'd bang that sucker out. Sounds like I'm the only one in right now, and I'd love a buddy.
  10. by   jljordan77
    Hello! I was accepted in the SATX COHORT starting November on September 17th! I have a friend that is currently getting one last credit in through straighliner. Pending that completion, she looks good to get accepted! Per a conversation with my counselor last weekend, I was told that currently only 3 people have been admitted with about 8 or so other people still in the process of trying to get all their requirements in, with the GOAL of getting 10 ppl admitted by the deadline of 10/15/18. However, I was told the cohort will move on even if that final number is only 3 ppl. The clinical sites will be through the NIX healthcare system in downtown San Antonio. The labs will be in Houston, TX, likely in the Lonestar College System or possibly Lee College (hopefully not b/c this is far south Houston). That's all I know! I live in ATX! We need to get connected for sure! Weekend labs will require overnight stays, we all need to get together and carpool and share hotels as much as we can!
  11. by   jljordan77
    I was told 3 people have made it in, with about 8 or so in the "process". Its my understanding that basically everyone that has applied so far, as long as they get their qualifications in by October 15th and have TEAS scores (Mid to high 70's in READING and OVERALL), will get in this cohort.
  12. by   That_Gal_Jes
    I live in South Austin! Totally need to make the carpool thing happen. I'm so excited I have at last 2 buddies (hopefully the full 10!) You (others who are my cohort buddies) can add me on FB thatgaljes@gmail.com.
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  13. by   That_Gal_Jes
    Since it seems like more people are being accepted, I've created a FB group. "WGU Nursing - SA 11/18" You can find me and I'll add you or find the group and we'll add you when you're accepted. I've found this is a great way to communicate and share resource files, etc.
  14. by   smarie786
    I just found out today that I have been accepted into the SA cohort!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to see y'all there! I live in South Austin also!