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Hi getting ready to start in April. Goal is to finish in 6 mths. I would love to be part of a "support/encouragement" group. :0)... Read More

  1. by   dotsewick
    Dear Z

    Kaplan also has BSN program if this does not work. Their graduates past testing easily. The Washington Post bought that college I was told.

    At any rate just keep applying May usually has a highering frienzy for most facilities. Children's has excellent benefits....sometimes reapply & get a professional resume writer. It works & will cut out the frustration of job seeking. Nursing homes also pay well until you find what you want.

    Take 2, 3 or even a week just keep trying...if you got out of nursing school, honey. There is nothing YOU can not do, get your resume done...and analyze it afterwards.

    What would you be looking for as an employer? Your cover letter is what will first catch the eye...so maybe you don't have alot of experience...what do YOU have to offer THAT institution? Put it in writing and YOU have the JOB, XXX. Let people help with the resume. Honestly, I edit mine weekly & out of 2-4 jobs 1 calls.

    It's unfortunate about the resume stuff. There was a time I had a very lame resume. Never got one call. I got angry about it & hired a couple of writers and then after their edits...I. rewrote my own revising theirs...that worked for me.

    It took me a while to get the swing of the "resume" thing. Actually, a few months. If you can not afford a professional service try a English major in college or some people will help for free. Their is a school called "Universal class" online for about 35-40 $$ you can start on your own resume, it is teacher assisted, non-college courses but the course on resume writing should help.

    After that course I think you will be able to edit & revise your own resume. Although, I personally believe in trained professional services. I think you should be the "final editor" of your resume.

    See if your school has someone who can help you. Just ideas so you do not stop...seeking. I have this feeling there is a real good job for you...focus on that resume and cover letter. What was your best class in college or what area do you want to work in. SELL UR SELF, Nurse! ;}
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    Hi! I've been RN for 2 years now and looking at RN to BSN at WGU. I'm new here in all nurses and would love to meet people who can help me through this program. Of course I would love to help whoever I am meeting too. I dont think i can send private message here yet nor I cant figure out how to add people here so please send me an email at
    emailmr at ymail dot com

  3. by   LosAngelesLVNRN
    Hi have u started the progrAm yet?
    Im taking rn to bsn and talking to enrolment people now. Still waiting for my transcripts. I would love to know people who's currently taking classes or successfully completed their degree. Please add me thanks