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Is anyone familiar with Western Governors University online MSN programs? Seems a little too good to be true at $3250 per 6 month term. Thanks, Dave... Read More

  1. by   irish8391
    Hi Laurie
    The practum is 40 hours with a preceptor. I asked the CNO of my institution to precept me and she agreed. The final project includes a research study on a topic you choose and approved by your mentor. You write up a proposal for the project, conduct the project and have an oral defense about the project at the very end. Hope this helps. Am willing to answer any other questions that you might have.
  2. by   Lauri8218
    Hi Meg

    Thanks so much for your response! Communicating with a graduate student does help in deciding whether to continue graduate education and which school to choose.

    What caught your attention about WGU?
  3. by   irish8391
    Hi Laurie
    I like the fact the program is based on competency program. Applying knowledge that I already have and to be able to advance courses at my speed. The tuition was a plus as well as it is much more reasonable than some other universities price wise. The nursing department has been very helpful as well.
  4. by   kimberlee713
    WGU does not offer Clinical Nurse Specialist Degrees so you don't have clinical and/or preceptorships. You have a Capstone Project (thesis, scholarly project, etc...) that you have to complete which is the same requirement for any MSN in Leadership, Administration or Education. Trust me, I spent a whole year researching nursing programs in order to further my degree. I chose WGU for it's accreditation which NC schools didn't even have and they have 20 more credits that they require for me to graduate! (it's all about the money........) The tuition WGU charges is "per semester" regardless of how many classes you take.

    I love WGU, I get out of it what I put into it. The girls that I work with are all going back to school and want that "Duke, UNC NCS" degree on their resume'. They work 12 hour nights and go to class for 3 hours a day.........I need more sleep than that. AND, when I graduate, they'll STILL be trying to pass the 2 language requirements for NC schools.

    I can't say enough about WGU
  5. by   chris2732

    Do you know if students can complete 2 tracks for their MSN (both the Education and Leadership & Management tracks)?
  6. by   kimberlee713
    Hi chris2732,

    I'm not sure about dual enrollment, the way they structure their didactic, I don't see why they wouldn't allow you to take both tracks but what I'm finding in graduate school is that they limit you for a reason: it's hard! I switched over to the Loyola program only because I didn't want to write a thesis (I'm tired!) and it was the easy way out. Loyola not only doesn't allow dual enrollment, they also don't allow you to double up on classes until your third semester.

    The best thing to do is find out if pre-licensure nursing schools will take your MSN in administration as an educator. If you can teach with that, then you don't need the added cost of an additional degree.

    Good luck in anything that you choose to do!
  7. by   chris2732
    Hi Kimberlee713,

    I noticed that both MSN tracks (Education and Leadership & Management) have exactly the same units (when comparing the below web sites side-by-side):



    As you can see, both MSN tracks differ by 3 courses (Specialist course, Written Project, Oral Defense).

    When students graduate with their MSN - Education track from WGU, can they enroll in the MSN Leadership & Management track to finish up the 3 Leadership & Management units and earn their MSN in Leadership & Management?
  8. by   sheronep
    Bumping this up.
  9. by   nrsjo60
    Im glad you like the progarm , I am seriouly considering. I am just not sure if the degree is good enough to teach at the nursing schools..do you think they recognize the degree? its non traditional, and some of the schools dont think out of the box..the tuition is great though, and i like how they charge one cost for the term..
  10. by   kimberlee713
    It's an accredited program, why would there be any problem having it recognized? Non-traditional? Why, because it's online? Duke University, UIC (Chicago) Loyola, etc.....some of the greatest schools in the country have online programs, how is this "non-traditional"?

    I'm currently attending graduate school at Loyola after graduating from WGU......and thank God I went to WGU, I'm a 4.0 where everyone else is struggling with 3.0. Piece of cake after the didactic and preparation from WGU.
  11. by   nrsjo60
    I didn't intent to insult the program. It looks like a great program. I just graduated from Univ, St Francis BSN, but it is the only school that is competency based and not college credit, so I am unsure...I am not sure my hospital will consider it a qualified school either because of the untraditional model.. I am very self directed and can do a program like this probably with little difficultly so I am glad you responded. Can you tell me a little more about it. Actually today the Dean of students emailed me, and I was surprised..

  12. by   kimberlee713
    Hi Joanie,

    I didn't take it in an insulting way, I should apologize if my post made it seem that way

    Competency based just means that you don't receive number grades per se, you still receive a B or C or even an A on your assignments!! (hard to get those though...) Competency based programs are simply structured to make sure you have a grasp of the material or you don't pass. This is actually BETTER than traditional grading models. This school is accredited by all nursing accreditation models so people can't tell you that they won't accept the credits, it's no different than Yale or Duke or any other brick and mortar. I do think you're confused on the grading criteria versus the credit for class. They are completely independent of each other. You still receive credits per class, as long as you pass them. Biochemistry is still 3 credits, you do have to pass with a C or better and you have to graduate with a 3.0 I believe. (each school as different grading criteria, 3.0 is a low B, 3.5 is a high B, etc.....)
    There's no difference in their didactic from other schools, they just structure their grading differently.

    Loyola was impressed with my didactic from WGU and I got in over some other brick and mortar students, that should tell you what WGU is doing..and they're doing it well!

    I will warn you though, it's a tough program and good grades are earned the hard way. You are welcome to contact me if you have any more questions ktld.davis@gmail.com. I can't say enough good things about WGU and how prepared I was for graduate school.
  13. by   nrsjo60
    Thanks so much for the info...I have researched many programs for the MSN in Ed..

    I am leaning towards Olivett because so many nurses have done the program Online and

    its a good program, plus we get a 20% DISCOUNT. WGU is really different I have to say, and I really

    didn't get the drift at first...I figured if its fully accredited, it must be good.

    thanks again..