1. Hi,
    I am looking into WGU. I just finished boards for my LVN on 11/18/12. I have not done any prerequisite for my RN ... But was wondering about the online prerequisite that straighter line offers. Can anyone that is currently attending WGU assist me? My LVN program was through a private college, and looking for another private program for my RN/BSN. I just can't be on the waiting list and taking my prerequisites that will take me 2-3 years to do because I have a fulltime job and 2 kids... Thank you
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  3. by   calinursestudent818
    Hi! I am going to apply to WGU. I am also a mother to 2 lil ones, so WGU fits my life the best at this time in my life. I've been looking into WGU for about 2 years, so I have the prereq thing figured out pretty well. If you are going to apply to other nursing schools besides WGU, I would lay out the prereqs for the other schools and cross examine their prereqs against WGU's. Then plan your route for how you will handle taking your prereqs from there.

    Right now, I am seriously considering putting all my eggs in one basket and just applying to WGU. But I am also tossing around the idea of applying to WGU and 1 CSU nursing program. I found out though research and calling quite a few nursing schools that ALL science prereqs that you take should be a live class & lab rather than online. Also this will help you later on if you want to go into a MSN program as 98.9 % of MSN programs don't accept online sciences either.

    Alot of nursing programs don't accept straighterline credits for other prereqs (psych, english etc) either but if you ask the schools you are interested in, they may be open to accepting them. You never know until you ask. Also look into online classes at your local community colleges, alot of nursing programs WILL accept online classes for other prereqs other than sciences like psych, sociology, english etc. but still ASK first before signing up for any classes, you don't want to waste time taking classes that won't be accepted.

    I have a BA in another field, so I have some prereq credits that will transfer from that but I will still have several prereqs to take. Since I am applying to only 2 schools and quite a few of the two schools prereqs are the same, handling my prereqs for both schools will be easy. I will be taking a few courses through straighterline for WGU that the CSU I am applying to does not require. For the 3 sciences--both WGU & the CSU I am applying to have the same science prereqs, I will be taking accelerated science classes (6-8 weekends). And for the math prereq that both schools require, I will be doing an accelerated math course at a local community college.

    Now if I make a final decision to just apply to WGU, I will take all my non prereqs through straighterline and all my sciences through the accelerated science classes program. My goal is to apply to WGU Spring 2013. If I go for my MSN in the near future, I will more than likey do WGU's MSN program.

    If you need some help plotting out how to take care of your prereqs in the most effective way possible inbox me. I'll be glad to help you sort everything out.
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    Hi A_Mags,
    My name is Elizabeth nice to meet someone who is looking into this program. I am currently enrolled and I am having a hard time getting motivated. I am half way done with my first paper but I'm no where near handing it in. I would love to be friends with you if possible. Do you have Face book? Here is my email if you would like to keep in touch. nurseliz1818@gmail.com Its hard with kids I have a 16 year old. I was an LPN first too.This program is self propelled and I lack propellars sort of speak but I am doing it!!
    Take care Elizabeth

    good luck with WGU
  5. by   Gianelle
    I love western governors!! I started in December, I completed four courses, working on one and will be taking an exam next week. I plan to get my BSN in 3 months and start the MSN