How potential employer views WGU BSN degree

  1. I'm a new grad RN, and recognize I need to go back for my BSN asap. I would just like to know, specifically, how employers view a degree from this institution. Does it seem to matter? not matter? I already know that WGU is in fact accredited. I specifically would like to know if anyone has had any problems with a potential employer accepting a BSN from WGU. It is a tough market out there for new grads, at least in my state. I have a good resume but I seem to keep getting angled out of the competition simply because I don't have the BSN, and the hospitals always seem to "prefer" the BSN prepared nurse. Could someone please, kindly share their experience with me regarding this? It's coming down to either WGU or a more expensive, but well-established state university. I'd rather not have to lay down a load of cash since I already spent many thousands on a non-nursing Bachelor's earned previously. thanks to anyone with input. feel free to PM if you prefer that.
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  3. by   marycarney
    I work for a large hospital in Indianapolis, and my employer is thrilled with my WGU degree (I have my BSN and MSN through WGU) They are rigorous, accredited and well-known here in Indiana. Feel free to PM me any additional questions you might have.
  4. by   buttercup_rn
    i tried to PM you, not finding much success with that today. my question to you is, how is the job market for new grads there in Indiana? I have a friend who lives there, I just might relocate after I finish my BSN. let me know, thanks
  5. by   marycarney
    Well, I can only speak to my hospital (Peyton Manning / St. Vincent) but on out unit, we have two openings for new grads my manager is currently interviewing for. Indianapolis has a LOT of hospitals - four major hospital 'groups' St. Vincent, IU Health, Community and St. Francis. You might google them and see what kinds of openings you find.
  6. by   lyfhckr
    WGU is also well known here in California, they're the only school accredited by the BRN to have online non-clinical courses, students need to go to L.A. area for clinicals and labs. I work with some nurses who are currently taking their MSN at WGU also, they got excited when they found out that i'm taking my pre-licensure RN,BSN from the same school =)