Alternatives to WGU for ADN>BSN

  1. I'm an Occupational Health RN with an ADN plus a BS in Chemistry and another BS in Safety Studies. It's fair to say I'm replete with BS but it's becoming more and more essential to attain the BSN especially since I want to continue on at UAB (U of Alabama) to become APN.

    I've recently left a job and am unemployed, what a great time to do the ADN>BSN but what....oh wait. You must! be working as RN for at least 20 hours/week. Gosh, I have this slug of time and now WGU demands I cut it in half. It's possible (though rare) that WGU can complete the ADN>BSN in 6 months and I must wonder: Is the 20 hour requirement there to prevent that (read make more money?).

    Even worse, there is a new course that DEMANDS you be available for an online Webinar over so many weeks. Uh, many PT jobs are like this: "When we want you, you come."

    WGU is cheap especially if, as I do, can transfer many credits, respectable, and not always easy to deal with.

    Question: Are there distance alternatives for similar money available ($6-12K) and what do you recommend.

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  3. by   Gangsteroids
    So, the course you're talking about lasts between two and four weeks (you get to choose your cohort and days and times that they have available, and there are a LOT of choices- some meet two times a week, some meet on weekends, some meet several times a week and you can finish in two weeks) and they are honestly more flexible than they say. You can just contact your course mentor and say "hey, they want me to come in to work during our meeting time, is it possible for me to join another group for this day/week?" and they'll likely say yes. We had someone do this a couple times in our group. We also had people joining the meeting on their phones on their way home from work or even at work (if they had a desk job). So if this is really your only concern I say go for it once you find a part time job. It's definitely worth it. Also, the 20 hour requirement is to ensure that you are a practicing RN, not to make money. There are many RNs who finish the BSN through WGU well before 6 months so they only get one terms worth of tuition out of those people, and they even encourage people to accelerate if they're able to. You just have to stay motivated and work hard to fit it into your schedule.
  4. by   42pines
    Thanks, I'm been a practicing, full time RN for 14 years... gosh, it seems logical that a person might want to take time off and not work, and just study. But I think yes, I'll find something mediocre, (in pay not demeaning types of nursing) perhaps pubic health or home visit. The problem I face is even if I try for a part-time tech job in a hospital my experience and prior pay knocks me out of consideration and "I'll work for $19/hour and be very happy" just doesn't work there. Oh well, WGU does seem to be the answer.