Westcott Human Anatomy & Human Physiology Project

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Hello, I just enrolled in Westcott/UMass Global self-paced online Human Anatomy & Human Physiology courses. I was not aware of the presentation in each course as a segment of the final grade.  Has anyone taken these courses? If so, what is the rubric / expectations on these projects? There aren't much information on these projects. Just a little nervous about the presentation being so broad. 

Also for those who are interested in taking courses at Westcott (because these courses are cheaper than Portage Learning), please note: you must complete assignments within a certain order and you must be in the course at a minimum of 28 days. You must write 28 different discussion topics on 28 different days...Meaning you cannot submit 2 or more discussion topics in one day...it is required that you submit 1 discussion topic each day. 

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