Westchester Community College-Valhalla, NY Anyone?


If anyone read some of my recent posts, you can see I am in a big bind both academically & financially. Short story, I just received my AS in General Studies from Dutchess COmmunity with a 2.3 GPA (yes ouch). I signed up for their nursing program now, but I was on academic probation and now I can get NO more financial aid through them!

SO I was thinking of transferring to another school, in hopes I can get aid from them (I hope). SO does anyone have any information on the Nursing program here? I can't believe there is not more talk on here about it! It's a large program, they have classes even on Sunday which is awesome for me!

Basically how hard is it to get in? How are the teachers? Where are the clinicals? If you graduated where are you now, and are you happy?


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