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Westchester Community College Fall 2015

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Hi! Is anyone else a fall 2015 hopeful at Westchester Community College? Just took the TEAS yesterday. I figure it would be nice to share scores and encouragement while we wait!

Congrats, and best of luck to you! I got an 84. The wait is tough, Hopefully we get good news in May í ½í¸Š

Awesome congrats. You will def get in. My score was a hit or miss. Have u heard anybody else's scores?

I haven't heard anyone else's yet

Bummer okay. Are you done prereqs or are currently taking a class this semester?

Im all done with prereq's. Im only taking dosage calculations this semester. How about you?

I'm taking anatomy II and micro.

Thats a tough combo! I haven't taken Micro yet. I took A&P II with Inorganic Chem last semester and that was a lot of work.

Hopefully just a couple weeks until we find out!

Yeah hopefully. I can't wait. Keep me posted and I'll do the same. When you take micro take both lecture and lab with casella. She's great!!

Thanks for the tip! I will def keep you posted if I hear anything.

I heard a rumor that the lowest acceptance grade was a 77. If that is true you are good! Acceptance letters went out today.

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Hi guys! I have a friend, currently in the program, who got in with low 70s. I believe acceptance is relative to other scores within that cycle.

I took the test in March and scored a 91.

Since I have a bachelors in another field, I was trying to go the accelerated bachelors in nursing route. I applied to Pace and to my dream school, NYU. I call NYU my unicorn (hence my name) bc I feel like getting in would be a miracle. My undergraduate GPA was terrible, although I graduated 10 years ago. After a while out of school, I went back and got a 4.0 in all of my prerequisites. Pace turned me down, and I am still waiting to hear back from NYU. I'm also applying to Cochran's ADN program and am taking the Kaplan in May.

When will WCC let us know if we get in?? The wait is killing me! í ½í¸«

UnicoR.N., BSN, RN

Specializes in Neuro ICU/MICU. Has 3 years experience.

Oh, and I agree with future RN646. I LOVE Dr. Casella. Dr. Cook is amazing, too. Micro was definitely my favorite class!

UnicoR.N., BSN, RN

Specializes in Neuro ICU/MICU. Has 3 years experience.

Does anyone know the costs of tuition for WCC or know of where to look to find out?

Chasing the unicorn! If I had a bachelors I would probably try NYU as well, but I am a little late to the game. Congrats on the 91, that is pretty impressive. For some reason I choked on the last section which was always my strongest in practice tests. I think I just started thinking that I was so close to getting my score that I got really nervous. As long as your transcript and prereq's are in order you will certainly be accepted to WCC for fall. Letters of acceptance went out yesterday 4/22 so you should know soon. Although WCC is not NYU, it is a well respected program in consideration to employment outlook. Best of luck to you!

omg i hope this rumor is true!! Where did you hear this if you don't mind me asking?!?!?! And how do you know the letters went out today. Does that mean we can get them my tomorrow or saturday??

Tuition is $179 per credit (if you only need the 8 nursing credits) plus around $220 in fees. I spoke to someone who said she spent about $1,000 total on books. If you need more than just the nursing credits than the full time fee per semester is $2,140. Have you checked to see if you are eligible for any grants through fasfa? All of my pre req's (excluding books) were paid for through fasfa grants. Definitely worth looking into!