new grad job prospects in wheeling WV/Zanesville Ohio area

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    Any info or advice on possibly being a new grad nurse in the Wheeling, WV/Zanesville, Ohio area? My daughter is looking at a boarding school in Barnesville, OHio, and I graduate next Dec (2010), and am wiling to is employment in that area? Do you know of any loan repayment programs. I did a search on my GPS when we were in Barnesville, and there were a number of hospitals within about 30 miles of Barnesville. THAT was hopeful! It's beautiful country, and she loved the school.

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  3. by   Wheelingnurse
    Hiring has slowed in the area just as other areas of the country, but really there arer still plenty of positions even for new grads. I have Wheeling area companies/links at my site BUt you have all the options west of Barnesville to which is nice. If you get any other replies here it would help if you defined what type of nursing you're interested in. gl.
  4. by   jlynn2303
    Thanks for your reply. My initial interests in going into nursing were hospice and community health, but I am still going through clinicals, and see new stuff every day, and know I might fall in love with something else. That being said, the advice I have been given is that it's a very good idea to work in a hospital starting out - med-surg simply because it's an excellent grounding in nursing, and that I will see lots of different stuff and get a broader experience than I could if I went right into a specialty. This is a second career for me, and I've always worked with people, and nursing is an extension of this. I like working with people, and on that level it doesn't matter what specific type of nursing I'm doing. I don't feel that I have seen enough to know what would 'fascinate' me on a technical/professional level (i.e. oncology).