Need opinions please! kinda long.

  1. I have posted a few times before about going on to the RN program @ fairmont, currently I'm awaiting a yay/nay decision from them. In the meantime, I have found a dream job, I looooove where I work now. I still work 12's but only 8-8, no OT, nothing. I work 10-6 on weekends and I make more than I did at the local veterans nursing home! It's an urgent care and my bosses are so cool about everything. We are closed on thanksgiving day, christmas eve, christmas day, Easter sunday and 4h of july! I get all those holidays w/ my family! So my question, is it worth continuing my degree if I love my job and love the hours or do I continue my degree and make more $$$ but will probably end up having to start out on night shift at a local hospital and working holidays??
    I know if I become an RN, an urgent care doesn't need an RN so I'm not sure my bosses will let me stay, I'd love to. They know i'm going to school and support that so it's ok right now.

    Anyway, give me your opinions please! Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   barefootlady
    More education is always a good idea, but why not ease into it a little. Take the required classes like sociology, psycholgy, and etc. If you love the job, see it as long term, and are happy there, and do not want to make a move right now, then go slowly. Blessings.
  4. by   sconoli
    Thanks for the advice, the only problem is I already have so much done, Eng. I & II, Psych, Sociology, A&P, Nutrition, and Pharm I. The only actual courses I NEED are acutal nursing courses and bio 2205, which is taken while IN the program! That's the thing, I love my job, but am so close to getting my RN, I feel it would be stupid not to....
  5. by   pers
    Why do you want your RN? If it's just because you are so close to the degree and don't want to miss the opportunity, would your employer let you get your degree but keep your job? Would you be happy keeping your current job (and possibly salary) as an RN?
  6. by   sconoli
    If my employer will let me keep my current job and salary as an RN, yeah: I LOVE my job. I mean, my bosses are the BEST to work for. They are so laid back, so nice and will do anything for us. I just want to finish my degree just for myself, for the accomplishment of it. I don't want to be rich or have a power job like DON or anything. I want time for my family. My hubby has a good job, he makes almost twice what I make so My paycheck isn't the primary breadwinner. I love where I work, I like my pay rate, I just want to be done with school. To finish what I started basically, if you know what I mean. Thanks to everyone who posts your opinons, this WV site is so stagnant and not very many posters or variety of topics started.
  7. by   pers
    I would definitely talk with your employer then because I can't imagine why they wouldn't want to keep you around just because you advanced your education. If you don't mind being overqualified for the position I can't see how that situation would be anything but a benefit for them.
  8. by   buttercup99
    If you want to finish your degree and there's nothing stopping you, then go for it! It doesn't mean you need to change jobs, and in fact having that job is a good thing. It gives you time to look around and bide your time for the right RN job.

    Are you 100% sure you would have to start on night shift? Maybe if you wait and keep your eye on the vacancies, one could come up that suits you better.

    Finishing your degree just gives you options, it doesn't have to lock you in to leaving your current job.

    Good Luck!